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 How to be a elegant woman in the workplace?

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How to be a elegant woman in the workplace? Empty
PostSubject: How to be a elegant woman in the workplace?   How to be a elegant woman in the workplace? Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 5:52 pm

In most cases, no one can tell you, how will the performance in the workplace, more elegant. In fact, the little details change, you can easily do your elegant self-confidence. Make ago: makeup should be natural, without a cheap nfl jerseys. The purpose is to let others make us think that natural beauty. Now: never out of date and the trick is to keep the look elegant and generous. The following is a golden rule to be observed - 1. Coordination with: for example, when the lipstick air max 2011 is very bright, then the natural elegant eye makeup is necessary. 2. Not mess: for example, can not be confused mascara everywhere. 3. Not shiny: You can not stick sequins on the face. Position before: we will not drag feet to walk; sitting when the legs should be close together. Regardless of station or take, we must coach outlet online the back straight. But if people see us the same day, that would be to be less rigid. Now: even wear pants, but also keep her legs together when sitting.
Tired ago: If we tired, others do not show a very strong interest in the way of us. Now: Want to complain about "too tired" Before, no one around to determine better than we have coach bags outlet to be tired. In addition, although we can not speak because of fatigue, but at least when speaking to others to show the way to listen to. Age before asking: can not ask a lady her age. Now: We can Miss Xiang asked her age, as long as she was younger than us. Drink in the office before: We will water on the table, the thirsty, you can drink. Now: if we have tea cup, we will pay attention to maintaining the coach purses outlet clean, brown tea stains can not be left, not to eat uses the staff to install. We will not put cups, tea bags and sugar all placed in the desk (they should be in our drawer), nor will the cup lost in the sink nearby. Office ladies in the dressing should note the coach handbags outlet: 1, with a mirror to find their own shortcomings. Professional women in the choice of clothes, we must first understand their own height, face, feet, skin color, etc., through the mirror to understand their shortcomings and try to make up. 2, the use of fashion magazine.
Pay more attention to browse fashion magazine and read all the books in line with the times, to enhance awareness and increase the aesthetic beauty of ability to judge, to select the trend line of coach wallets outlet. 3, the office appropriate clothing to light. Professional women's clothing worn during working hours, should the principle of light, to prevent fatigue, in order to maintain high spirits. 4, the dress should be appropriate. Excessive or slovenly are annoying, professional women in the oakley sunglasses online to be careful not to over-the pursuit of fashion trends. Gorgeous dress, low bodice, tights are not commensurate with the work environment. Similarly, excessively slovenly, no makeup, no attention to their appearance, people will feel hate, will not win the colleagues of all ages. 5, wearing pants, the pants should be ironed pants obvious marks. Jeans, pants, fashion ray ban 3025 and so not suitable for wear in the office, and the best choice for better or close to the material form of pants suits and pants. 6, note underwear, petticoats and stockings to wear. In the office to wear white or color Eau underpants is appropriate.
Summer wear skirts, there must be slip. Natural color stockings should also better color, black and color chanel sunglasses sale are not suitable for office wear, because black people to obscure feeling, but the color socks you do not give a stable image.Elegance is an attitude, elegance is the heart of life. Life presents a meticulous, calm, elegant, soft, grace, intelligence, sophistication, simple character of the atmosphere. Elegant, can be an enduring classic argyle knit , it is never attached to the surface of life, but hidden in the details in the looming. Elegant is a calm, a calm, a really serious attitude towards life. Beautiful does not mean elegance. Elegant men are honorable, elegant woman in particular is lovely. Elegant woman is not necessarily natural beauty, beauties. But they and their every move she makes a ugg classic cardy of hands are showing spirit, wisdom and goodness. Elegant, graceful and elegant seamless.
Elegant is such a temperament, from the inside out, natural to us. Elegant, is a temperament, not only reflected in the appearance of cheap dior sunglasses and manners of people, but also their knowledge through training, people skills, ethical behavior and other aspects. Elegant, not by seeking to imitate come to learn, but simply that people in interpersonal relationships and social activities during the subconsciously and inadvertently overall performance from the heart. Elegant, is the chi flat iron from the bones out of people, is a casual show of nature. Charity, not love; compassion, not love; sympathy, not love; love, is love, not with charity, mercy and compassion instead. Genuine love, must be a selfless, ecstasy, whole body. Dignified and elegant woman is the kind of chi hair dryer, graceful, unhurried, reasonable manner, the beautiful humble, wise and smart, refined conversation, fresh and pleasing to the chi turbo, in front of you like a clear spring, fresh, female.
However, very few people did not do fashion OL elegant lessons on how to make your elegant unique, must adhere to the elegance of your homework, make your inner part. Know how to dress a way of Office air max, first of their temperament and characteristics have a very clear understanding, in order to discover their own unique eye color and style. Scarves, earrings, shirt ... ... there are too many air max 2012 that need to revolve around her own dress to consider, she will speak with a simple bright colors, neutral colors will inadvertently embellishment on clothing in feminine characteristics, light with the jewelry fashion exist side by side with the deep tough. How to further their own taste, has its own unique air max 2010, is the most important. Smiling, calm and quiet, peaceful genteel style of conversation than the aggressive wording better reflects a professional level of education received by women and self-cultivation. Always be concise in speech, generous and polite to express their views, when you want to warm ghd hair straighteners , combined with a pale smile became. Speech is such a perfect career woman as an elegant win more support and praise.
No matter how busy, should take some time to check their makeup is perfect: Foundation color is coordinated with the ghd fusion? Makeup is natural? Does the color of lipstick and hair color and clothing color coordination? To maintain the smooth face is an elegant professional women will be the key to do homework, take care of the ugg classic tall at any time from a beautiful shiny glow, let professional women, revealed in a hurry with the luxury of a leisurely, so that my skin than wear light-emitting animal fur on clothing career women expressed more delicate and elegant fantastic. Elegant professional women are intelligent and reflected by the quick, dull woman gives little chi digital of elegance. Continue to charge to master new knowledge will also help professional women to self-confidence showing Huanhuandicong heart, like a luxury fragrance, people food for thought. In some of the art leisure time training courses, go to exhibitions and concerts, and often convey a richer spiritual world ... ... professional women's elegance is out of practice, the charge will help her put on a charming ghd pink of transparent coat.
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How to be a elegant woman in the workplace?
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