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 Golf in China

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PostSubject: Golf in China    Golf in China  Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 5:55 pm

Golf development in China late start, the cheap nfl jerseys is quite rapid. Golf was first introduced to China in 1916, and then in 1917 when the Shanghai Hongqiao Golf Association to begin operations, this course is a nine-hole golf course, but the sport was a long time silent in China the. To the mid-eighties of the twentieth century, the rise of golf in China again, and developed at an alarming rate. May 24, 1985, the China Golf Association was formally established in Beijing, which is a national mass air max 2011 organization, the All-China Sports Federation of the group members whose function is to promote, organize the masses to actively participate in golf; organized international competition, the promotion of international exchange; various national organizations, all levels of competition and training; the development of management systems, competition coach outlet online and the athletes, coaches, referees technical level system; organization coaches, referees, athletes training; select and recommend a national team coaches, athletes, responsible for organizing the team focused and participate in the competition; organization of scientific research work.
Development of the Chinese Mainland cities and the actual utilization of foreign capital GDP and a high coach bags outlet of local golf hole correlation coefficient were as high as 55% and 89%. Beijing: Beyond the simple sports content golf golf hole out of Beijing's first city in the country, its GDP and the actual utilization of foreign investment is significantly coach purses outlet. The reason, of course, its national political, economic and cultural center's unique position inseparable. Because of this particularity, Beijing's golf has gone beyond the simple meaning of the movement, was given more content. According to insiders, Beijing, though not the earliest start of golf, but its development speed is very fast, by the "spark" into "Liaoyuanzhishi", and involves many fields and coach handbags outlet, and now in Beijing Golf industry is eager, ready for use. Shanghai: the home of golf in China 100 years ago in China there is potential as a golf club, the birthplace of the first, and now has become the new golf paradise, but people who have been playing sea change where and when.
Shanghai's existing stadium 12, the coach wallets outlet of holes 234, but its GDP (2001 year 495.1 billion yuan) and the actual utilization of foreign capital (4.4 billion U.S. dollars in 2001) that economic growth is also relatively less in comparison. The development of Shanghai and its golf unique geographical location, economic base and cultural background in it but also led to the development of golf throughout the Jiangsu and Zhejiang Provinces. Now including Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Shanghai oakley sunglasses online, including the large total of 21 courses, 441 holes. In terms of overall development, not only in Shanghai, and even the greater Shanghai area golf courses with which the number of strong economic growth rate significantly less than both. Guangdong: Golf is the full ray ban 3025 of Guangdong Province has the largest province of golf courses, golf is the most populous provinces.
Not only because of their geographical location to pitch easy maintenance, play every day throughout the year, but due to the economic development of the earlier, faster, ability to accept new chanel sunglasses sale. "The court in Guangdong, Mr. Chang and Mr. seen playing, wife and wife beating, child and children into battle together to fight the whole family scene." Shenzhen Airlines to Hong Kong Golf Club coach Zhang said. In such soils, Guangdong's golf industry has formed the scale so as to drive the golf and related economic development. Can also say that golf is also a way to promote economic classic argyle knit in Guangdong. Including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong Province, a total of 48 golf course, hole 1188, the year of its GDP in 2001 was 1.0556 trillion yuan, the growth rate of 9.5%, the actual utilization of foreign investment 15.8 billion U.S. dollars, the growth ugg classic cardy of 8.1%, although these figures in the country are second to none, the number of holes in its possession and actual use of foreign capital and GDP, or slightly faster than the amount that the development of golf courses over the speed of economic development, there is clearly a phenomenon of excess resources.
Guangdong, Beijing and Shanghai high-speed economic development in three areas and the rapid rise of the golf cheap dior sunglasses echoed, on the whole, GDP, the actual utilization of foreign capital and the scale of development compared to the golf course has been basically reached equilibrium. Hainan: Golf economy, "money" passers-by bright tropical Hainan Province, surrounded by the chi hair dryer, is light, heat, water resource rich areas, picturesque all year round. Existing Hainan Stadium 9, 171 holes, while the GDP of Hainan in 2001 only 56.6 billion, fourth from chi flat iron in the national rankings, the actual utilization of foreign capital amounted to 573 million. Although absolute point of chi turbo, the stadium is the excess of Hainan, the Hainan provincial government, but they sure make the best use of resources.
It is understood that the Hainan Provincial Government this year to determine the leading golf industry to seize a air max of measures to promote the game of golf and golf in the province's economic development. Golf and Sports of Hainan Province this year, work as a "golf economy, fitness, the National Sports Conference," the three key focus, and give full play some winter air max 2012 endemic to Hainan natural advantages to attract foreign tourists to Hainan play players and consumer to activate the golf market, and promote economic growth. Therefore, economic air max 2010, such as Hainan and serious departure from the golf course, but the government support the golf tourism economy as the background of the provinces, the investment value is self-evident And with new ghd hair straighteners and more harmful substances, Pope and infection are unfavorable.
The solution: use sterile needle prick blisters with iodine, alcohol disinfectant applied and around the ghd, the last with a clean gauze. Attention to rest, to keep the heel of local clean and dry. Also, wear new shoes to wear thick socks before the best or first in the heel stick Band-Aid. 2. Calluses and corns: performance: high-heeled shoes one day, it must be for you to ugg classic tall the seeds of calluses, as corn (good ugly one eye), will follow slowly eyeing you. Both are strong compression of skin shoes were rubbing smoke diehards, give them more time, they will put you close to Tina Hooligan with. The solution: to deal with these two chronic disease, basic is the chi digital with hot water every night, soaked them, moderate trim polishing.Ankle sprain that is, "Wei-foot": Performance: May the doctor said to many of Miss Ago Gen clinics are "Wei-foot" family. Slender ghd pink often pointing into the road, or climbing stairs when the Caking, regardless which, may be transient, "Wei" and you have Hearing eclipsed.
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Golf in China
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