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 Rules of Golf

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PostSubject: Rules of Golf   Rules of Golf Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 5:56 pm

Rules of Golf before the Chamber to engage in any sport, must understand the basic rules of the cheap nfl jerseys can only have fun, and free from laughable. Gentlemanly sport of golf to show value, better understanding of the basic rules can not overlook. Therefore, the basic rules of golf than the difference between stroke play and match play, all kinds of ball position to judge production and processing, and only really participate in the air max 2011 for attention to illustrate this. Golf is a need to focus on the spiritual and technical control of the outdoor sports, the players hit the ball to the 14 hole golf club, 18 holes for the round, scoring the winner at least, players score points is to complete all the main the number of shots required for the process. Unlike other initiatives is the goal of his coach outlet online swing, the less the number, the better the results. Golf different from other ball games, he rarely fixed competition venues, and his track changes a lot. The level of each hole depends on its distance.
Competition is often par 72, which is what we call a game. 4 by 4 days to decide the winner of the coach bags outlet. General 1. Golf game in accordance with rules from the beginning after the first tee shot, or hit the ball straight into the hole. 2. To influence the ball outside the rules of engagement than time, the ball players or caddies shall not affect the position or movement of any behavior. 3.'s Deliberations shall not discuss the players breaking the coach purses outlet preclude the application of any rules or waive the penalty has been convicted. First, the basic rules of golf 1. Although there are many rules of golf, but no more than the following basic points: a. Contestants must be carried out under conditions of fair competition. b. during the coach handbags outlet must be able to objectively deal with the situation to their advantage. 2. As for the other rules are based on two basic principles above set. The rules from the start with ourselves, although the rules of golf established by the Golf Association, but the vast majority is still the Executive Committee by the player itself is actually management.
When the match, each player bears all the responsibility to make fair and equitable competition; and based on the coach wallets outlet of fair competition, each selection should be required to comply with the rules of their own to become a referee. 3. To hit the ball into holes a. way of the so-called basic principle of golf is to hit a ball from the tables in a row to the hole so far. In short, that is, starting from the oakley sunglasses online shot, then the second, third shot, repeatedly hit the ball, the ball reached the hole, in addition to it no other way. If the move with the ball, or the use of throwing, rolling land and so on, are against the rules. b. until the ball is at rest, before continuing the race after the ball was shot out, no matter what state the road, they should wait until the ball is at rest before they can continue the race, which was the same golf the law, must not touch or move the location of the ray ban 3025, they can not change for the sake of easy swing around the environment. Second, stroke play and match play than the difference form, the form of golf competition two stroke play and match play.
Whether professional or amateur competition than are the more common form of stroke play. 1. The so-called stroke play, is to add up chanel sunglasses sale for each hole, to be fought (eighth hole), put all the scores add up the total score to evaluate the outcome. 2. Match Play also is the basis of scores, however, its different for every hole in match play is based on the scores of the outcome of the decision of the hole, then each of the outcome of the cumulative number of holes to determine classic argyle knit . 3. Omit the difference between hole stroke-play goal to require holes to be shot down after the ball, move to the next hole before kick-off platform to kick-off. The Match Play is in each hole to determine the winner, so long as the consent of the other hole will not have to adhere to the ugg classic cardy of ball units are required. 4. The penalty of the difference in stroke play and match play, players have received a penalty violation of the rules are different.
In general, the penalty is stroke play, Two strokes, while the penalty for the punishment of their match play the hole to lose. Third, the right to judge and deal with 1. Bounds (OB) "foul" play against the regional cheap dior sunglasses, often marked by boundary markers or fences. Community should be outside the limits of boundary markers (without stent) or inside the fence closest to the ground point decision. If the marking on the chi flat iron outside the marked boundary, the boundary extends down vertically upwards outside lines, and lines for the world chi hair dryer of itself. 2. Lost the ball to the following conditions as "Lost Ball": a. the same player or team, or their caddies start looking for the ball in after five minutes, and still can not find the ball; or despite found, but player can not identify whether they use the ball; b. rules have been used by players as a game ball to another ball, without looking for the original ball; c. chi turbo may have been from where the original ball or ball position by the ball than the original Click to place the ball out of the hole, so it becomes a game ball instead of the ball.
Instead of the ball of the original ball might be lost outside a water hazard, out of bounds and the place of the ball, known as the "place of the ball." 3. Water obstacles (including a lateral air max hazard), "water hazard" means any sea, lake, pond, river, ditch, surface drainage ditch or other open drains (both of them without water), and other analogues. a. Where the obstacles in the water within the boundaries of the land or air max 2012, ground water hazards are part of. The boundary of a water hazard extends vertically upwards Department to indicate the air max 2010 of the boundary markers used, are considered landmarks in the barrier. b. water barriers (except outside the lateral water hazard) should be marked with yellow boundary markers, or marking boundaries; lateral water hazard is based on a red boundary markers or marking to define. c. water hazard water ghd hair straighteners in the direction of the ball to hit the ball, whether the barriers or obstacles within the other lost, but a question of fact involved.
Department of obstacles such as the loss of those who believe that there must be the evidence that the ghd does fall into the barrier; If there is no evidence to determine when the loss of the ball shall be deemed, by the rules processing. In such soils, Guangdong's golf ugg classic tall has formed the scale so as to drive the golf and related economic development. Can also say that golf is also a way to promote economic development in Guangdong. Including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Guangdong chi digital , a total of 48 golf course, hole 1188, the year of its GDP in 2001 was 1.0556 trillion yuan, the growth rate of 9.5%, the actual utilization of foreign investment 15.8 billion U.S. dollars, the growth rate of 8.1%, although these figures in the ghd pink are second to none, the number of holes in its possession and actual use of foreign capital and GDP
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Rules of Golf
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