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 We have a dream which went to

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PostSubject: We have a dream which went to   We have a dream which went to Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 6:11 pm

I asked her what I wanted, Xiu Xiu that want to go to a luxury goods company to do business, because I heard there is a day treatment of 500 interns Tai Yuen children, if able to when the regular cheap nfl jerseys, certainly more money in the count. I asked her why the internship here, a situation with the future and not take the side of the internship, Xiu Xiu said she just wanted to mix an internship experience only, the other is not important. I asked her what the future air max 2011, Xiu Xiu for the New Year speech that this practice back to writing papers, and then find a practice, to the kind of regularization, and then to work. As for what to look for, do not know. I am a bit silent, does not feel right, but they can not tell what. I always subconsciously think, when people like the Master Xiu Xiu good student, why do the coach outlet online do not make me feel a little excitement and shock. I have always felt that Xiu Xiu has let me be the kind of amazing people.
Xiu Xiu said she always felt something missing my life, lack of power lack of passion, it seems that everything is arranged. Her from a class of key university, Paul research, gold instructors, 500 practice, the way is very stable, very Shunliu. But I always remember the coach bags outlet: "well, just a mediocre life." Then I do not understand, but now look at us without any ripples calm life, moments that remark too in place. Xiu Xiu is a model of life tie him down, as if derailed is wrong, of course, has always been coach purses outlet Xiu Xiu will not let himself off the rails, but only in the fastest race track in doing that. Xiu Xiu I told that I should not how to think your life is so ordinary it? Xiu Xiu, said: "Then I went coach handbags outlet to read a PhD, do you think? That have overseas background." I almost turned on the stool. Xiu Xiu, remember Xuanxuan it?
Playing well in our class that year, but poor results Xuan Xuan, a day to leisurely high class sub in the Xuan Xuan. I want to tell you about her now. Xuan Xuan year old with her and many other coach wallets outlet Tsinghua University Beijing University's Students in the admission notice, but her poor performance, only on a second-class undergraduate school, or talented students into, and costs a tremendous effort. She was a pianist under the tutelage of four years, the last time oakley sunglasses online exam to the first three of a university in Canada to continue to study music, under the tutelage of world-renowned pianist XXX (I do not remember), we often chat on the flying letter, I watched her slowly adapt to living abroad, slowly in the sky looking for another piece of the glory of the heart, the ray ban 3025 I saw her music up a little bit of blooming, slowly from her music school piano room, to the stage, to the world , to a greater and more beautiful place. Xuan Xuan is applying recent Yale Ph.D., not a big issue out of such study is the musician.
I have been thinking, when she is not the best, even the chanel sunglasses sale, but now you look at what our so-called year of intensive class students, which has her wonderful world, has her grand opening and stronger ? Casual phone call to ask then the top ten in our class a good student, and some struggling year after year study section of the class, seems to pass the test for 20 years before I am sorry the reputation of a good classic argyle knit ; some admitted students, and each day out to find a internship or mentor to help make a little money writing a book; some work, two line every day to work, earn money, rent a small broken house, read books to see reported to pull nonsense. I just re-encountered Xuan Xuan, she really was a shock to my heart. She has been pursuing his love, work hard with their own ugg classic cardy to the world. In the 12 years before university life, she did not consider a countdown to the tenth of a breakthrough, but she did not give up his dream, that is, music is the piano.
Her heart and love for music, her heart has been yearning for some persistent pursuit. I remember her going to night cheap dior sunglasses to get some of the talented students of Tsinghua lost 80 points to notice, she jumped in the class, shouting. Disdain of the whole class was looking at her, that she lost 180, but also test into Tsinghua University, and the chi flat iron of Health has considered a gross and cultural studies of high clincher. But Xiu Xiu, we were all wrong, Xuan Xuan pleased that her music is finally being recognized, it was her dream of sailing the chi hair dryer. She knows, that is, 280 points less, she could test into Tsinghua. And us? We have been very rules, in particular specifications. We use abc and XYZ into a good university, a master on the cow, squeezed into the 500 interns for the small, trying to add their own background flower flowers, in fact, is a morning chi turbo, plus what not on the peony; and then into the level, take another month's wages 4K competition, more than anyone else Petty, who famous, who can play out the car, who rented the house relatively large, is hardcover, and future comparisons who soon we will continue to house a car, and who married into the giants of the.
What you have discovered, however, Xuan Xuan growing air max, our world is getting smaller and smaller and become very, very small, and finally took us into overtime late at night with the air max 2012 himself earned hundreds of thousands of dollars , a few hot properties for sale in Beijing and several fancy expensive restaurant showing off + get Joseph. When the 20 years we have good students, the ultimate success of a small dwelling and an appearance in the vanity under the hidden vulnerability of the heart. You said you did not think I will become air max 2010, and I is a Zhong Dengsheng year, no Xuan Xuan's strong suit. Actually, I especially do not want to say this, because it seems to say that I despise you look. In fact, I do not any bad feelings for you, just because you are going through is the way I have, I especially want to tell you my personal experience the heart of these traces of the past. In my college, I always thought that to be paid to decent work, to become a legend in the small white-collar ghd hair straighteners , go out to live in five-star hotels, shopping no longer have to look at the price, so I directed at this goal of running piapia out.
However, one year after graduation shiny white-collar life, I can not see my goal, I do not know why I stay up all night hard to work ghd, I did do it all looks to someone else I'm busy What am cattle X ? I do not have time busy mother on the phone, I'm busy friends impatient, I'm busy at home and family freak, in fact, I not so busy, I was bored, tired of losing my own goals. I am a goal oriented person, not a goal, life becomes ugg classic tall. Until July of this year's day, I suddenly think of it on the train of my dreams. Mustard said the time in 17 years is largely the dream of a lifetime dream. Yes, I am 17 years old dream in my heart a little bit of recovery, it has become full of vitality. After that, I also miraculously restored the vitality and energy to start a lot I want to do, would also like to see a lot of chi digital , such as why I often work overtime, and very happy to endure the fact that there is no overtime . I started to become independent, and became strong and sturdy. This is all just because my heart had a goal, the road leading to this goal, I understand the main points of yourself what the point of giving up something. I learned from many angles to look at my world and the ghd pink of the world, my vision became rounded and full, my mind becomes broad and orderly. I try to read used to hate history, I try to do things the way to do business, I tried different voices Heiner ear, I try to have the standard good boy should not do everything.
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We have a dream which went to
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