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 The development of fashion

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The development of fashion Empty
PostSubject: The development of fashion   The development of fashion Icon_minitimeFri Dec 17, 2010 6:20 pm

Western women before the 20th century is very complex, and a lot of out of turn. But pop the belt. Therefore, all of the waist to the hips close Le orders woman to show only the slim cheap nfl jerseys. In fact, we have a lot of TV, movies, saw scenes of women wearing a corset, usually a person can not complete this difficult task. Usually several people, a man wearing a waist itself, is one person behind the effort to strengthen the belt. Material in the air max 2011 with a whale bone, wood, or rigid material, iron. Since Ms. generally took a deep breath before going through the waist and let his hips servant on board. This process is very painful, and even some who left trail of blood to the waist. However, in order to thin a lot to show your coach outlet online, women, or excruciating pain in his waist to wear the body, although very uncomfortable wearing a corset, but the ladies still love fashion in the rush, some people even Le long time to faint.
So the fashion industry was an important thing is smelling salts bottle perfume the next thing is, women can be explained. Women not only wear the waist, slim waist reality, but also some unique coach bags outlet to wear, to make breasts look bigger point. There is a big fluffy skirt, this dress is often difficult to have any operational flexibility, it is very hard, usually ladies sitting there, just when it was up to dance. Underwear was invented by man, this simple substitute women wore coach purses outlet with intricate components, such as a shirt or something. Fashion designers in the form of the invention has played an important role, such as Chanel, a woman is a church decorated with fake jewels, another fashion designer invented the mini skirt of the young and elderly women wear more women are not equal. Fashion coach handbags outlet are also affected by the nature of their designer clothes, for example, depression is a designer,
when she opened the shop, people still congratulate him, because people in the house, the huge crowds, but he was scared and hid instead of from the cupboard .Some relatively advanced the coach wallets outlet of a fashion designer, his clothes full of modern design, he spent a lot of man-made material that looks a bit like plastic, worn on the body is full of a sense of the future. In fact, fashion is often before, it is very difficult to wear, the furnace, but then slowly fashion need to open more oakley sunglasses online. Therefore, clothing, clothing that is machine clothing manufacturing to reduce manufacturing difficulties, clothing and apparel, are often relatively simple, less ornate in the past, but adds a touch of simple and lean. In today's fashion and fashion models and movie stars in development are often closely linked to the previous model work is very low, the ray ban 3025 only stood designers, designer clothing, nor to show their clothes, woman fashion model.
if so, are embarrassed to tell people their work. Then slowly slowly developed in the fashion industry, fashion model demand more and more models, starting from the day can earn $ 25, and chanel sunglasses sale, top model, can earn $ 2,500,000 per year This is such a big difference between ah, those deficiencies have also told us that fashion industry, and the model has never been through attention to the classic argyle knit . Then there are many models, including Campbell, Cindy, Claudia Choi, the fashion and more important. Later, the photographer has become an important job, they can often make the clothing making it more beautiful. Models are becoming increasingly important, clothes seemed to be replaced, since the time when ugg classic cardy are looking for fashion magazines, it seems more and looking for a fashion model. And more and more high-fashion models, asking price, resulting in more and more frustrated with the fashion designers.
They feel that model stole the thunder clothes they design clothes hard, no one important, but people are always talking about which model is beautiful, more gracious. Therefore, a fashion designer ready to join forces to block the growing appetite for a supermodel, they decided to cheap dior sunglasses more young people. They were, they choose a new rapid occupation of people's attention, as more and more fashion chi flat iron and magazine covers. They chose these models are relatively wide. Everyone chasing "details the dotted" fashion is still popular, trends continue to alter the range of jewelry is always refreshing. The concept of the French Institute of Fashion French Fashion (IFM) and HEC Paris Business School, said: know how to wear the chi hair dryer is the most important fashion, fashion is an attitude, a harmonious combination of colors, variety of products and reflects the chi turbo qualities of culture. In addition to the French fashion, music, drama, film is a representative culture of Paris, a rich cultural atmosphere of the most striking feature of Paris.
Development of a unique French culture diversity makes opening of the French designer, fashion and more open. The most air max brand in France is high quality, color design, exquisite fabrics and workmanship. In the French market, quality, price is most important to air max 2012, the reduction is very important to match. Garment production and processing industry no longer exists in Paris, in strong cultural traditions, creativity, and create new products is the emphasis the French designer. Men pay attention to the charm of Paris's health and health, fashion a simple interface, the soul is most important. France, the only one born in this air max 2010 24 hours a fashion show and fashion figure of the television interview. No explanation, no host, only 24 hours in an infinite, never lonely T-Taiwan crisis. In those days I was busy during the day around the interviews, red-eye at night in ghd hair straighteners of television all night, sleepy as hell, but still give, I said to myself, God, oh, because everyone should see you, I'd rather date You can say hello.
Department of further expansion. Although the heel can later develop into straight lines of the United States is still ghd. Until the 50's pin technology revolutionized the high-heeled shoes, the designer can design on this lady love to hate tapering heel. Marilyn Monroe for the year to wear thin by the SalvatoreFerragamo design with metal high ugg classic tall made her fame, no wonder she said: "Although I do not know who first invented the high heel, but all women should be grateful to him, the high heels cause me great help.France's approach chi digital differs from other countries, it was more like an elegant river, slowly, but there is a commitment. Compared with the pragmatism of the United States, France, the human spirit is likely to make you long passion. If the "American dream" is a self-made myth appeal to all, "French dream" is the man "started" for the ghd pink, learn how to truly live the history of art. Too much happened for several hundred years are called.
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The development of fashion
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