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  bonus risk is still

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PostSubject: bonus risk is still      bonus risk is still Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:29 pm

Go 100 metres, Mr. Jiang pleasantly surprised purse lying on the ground, although beside people cheapcoachoutletsale and go, but no one touch. Why so? Near a merchant reveal, "actually has several people see his lost my wallet, but they all thought is cheater deliberately the trap, so nobody to pick, lest trouble". Another merchants Mr Yang says, "this area personnel is complex, often was deliberately DiaoBao. When you come to pick up when somebody lied that want with you penny, spoke, a man put coach bags outlet money cheat light". Mr Yang smile, "said even though I didn't undue on, but these things have tired of".In addition, in roadside sells phone miss Lin told reporters, "this drop comparison, a thin HuangFa, a see is not good." To this, Mr. Jiang smile say that he was a barber, hair dyed yellow coach store outlet is for more fashion point. New Year's day during travel is originally a giad matter, but if accidentally lost his wallet is a real hassle. Yesterday to chengdu, miss gu lianyungang tourists with id, the bank's wallet dropped on the taxi. As she anxiously, kind driver had coach wallet, still coming to her brought the wallet.

Yesterday morning, gu and miss chengdu friend in jinlin promenade, width lane and scenic spots for gucci outlet. Afternoon 1 xu, two people sit on the taxi back to LiChangWen bolles east street dwellings. Subsequently, LiChangWen again to the spring city road, then pulls the gucci bags people to nine in dike. Just go a long way, LiChangWen would hear behind the passenger said, "yi? Who is this wallet?" LiChangWen looked gucci shoes purse, immediately thought just pull of the two tourists, "will be their?" LiChangWen immediately give three passengers brawley purse, see if card gucci sunglasses contact method.Three passengers purse, see inside have no cash, but have id, bank card, also found a picture to chengdu's plane, in the back of the tickets to see the two gucci belt number. LiChangWen through one's call, make sure is the loser. In regard to know who is miss lianyungang owner, after three LiChangWen car passenger laughed, "ha ha, the three of us is also of gucci wallet."Recently, including state ting, tecumseh, young delinquent, too more equality home life insurance air max 24-7 have introduced a new dividends risks products. But these products, the most prominent feature is all contains fast the return of the still earnings terms, disinflationary steady financing is the largest disseminate selling point."In peacetime, share out bonus air max 2011 business accounts for only half the problem of my business. And the most recent period, more than 80 percent of the customer is blunt air max 2012 risks." Sun life a salesman told reporters.And from China life's news said, from mid-december began, share out bonus insurance portfolio continue to rise, almost air max for 70% of market share.

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bonus risk is still
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