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  scrutinize on to the unit the leadership.

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   scrutinize on to the unit the leadership. Empty
PostSubject: scrutinize on to the unit the leadership.      scrutinize on to the unit the leadership. Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:41 pm

Reporter YanYing Report from our correspondent "kind-hearted, I the state general administration cheapcoachoutletsale sports here waiting for you!" Olympic champion, rings WangChen a ice these days slightly depressed. In trying to find many ways after failing to our help, he hope good to help its already lost his wallet back into the most important documents.Chen yibing tells a reporter, on January 22nd, a group of friends go out for teammate xiao celebrate birthdays. The morning 1 xu, they the gate of the zoo in taxis to the original ChongWenOu new world meters lexing KTV.Get off before long, then he realized that his black wallet fell in the taxi, there's coach handbags outlet of dollars in cash and all kinds of documents and room card. But because I didn't ask for a taxi invoice, a group of people cannot coach store when the taxi driver. "Purse contains room card, id card, rice card, bank card, now he in and out of the room and eat into question." Chen yibing, said the event, he has dealt coach wallet in the first time card report the loss of STH, but the rest of the dozen card is dealt with afresh requires a lot of time.If you can't find my wallet back, he was also specially to tianjin is dealt with afresh id, training and life will gucci outlet have been affected.

Since then, Chen yibing through sina micro bo etc. Various ways to search for my wallet, many gucci bags Po fans message expressed concern, but until last night, the gymnastics ace wallet is still not falling.Last night, Chen yibing after contacting with our newspaper, said to the blessed hope gucci shoes -up purse see our newspaper reports after the inside of the important documents and card sent to oneself, wallet and cash he all can not. "gucci sunglasses real card, others keep it. Hope good intention to contact with me." Chen yibing tone very cordially say, oneself not hype, and may remove everything inside cash as remuneration, only hoped finders will inside other things sent him.Citizens have a gucci belt, can call if our hotline 58635863, state general administration of sports telephone: 87182008, or directly will items sent to the temple of heaven road "50, gucci wallet general administration of sports training". some places in addition to charge have preferential outside, still have extra prizes and integral, so he did several CARDS.However, XiaoHua wallet was stolen, inside have id, 1000 multivariate cash and just air max 24-7 the near a credit card. What makes XiaoHua worried is, in my purse 1 piece of credit card has been stolen brush, this is credit card "air max 2011 SMS notice" let him know, is also this message make careless XiaoHua find lost your purse. His reaction after coming immediately call, but the loss of 2 hours before a credit record, but air max 2012 let cary 5000 multivariate amount into the thief's wallet.Mo panic! The main still in diving? Hold-op stock probably has been already air max!

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scrutinize on to the unit the leadership.
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