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PostSubject: message make careless       message make careless Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:42 pm

March stock market probably upheaval? Saga behind hidden capital trend! XiaoHua feel very Fashion bags outlet, clearly credit card is a password, does the burglar still know the password? He speculated that the thief must have read the purse id, using the XiaoHua birth as the password try and succeeded.XiaoHua before heard of credit card beneath card security Monday, can brand purses sale online he hit, he cannot enjoy lost card guarantee. Originally, XiaoHua is selected by the password + signature style of trade, therefore not provided by the Banks lose card security range.XiaoHua feel glum, exactly what is lost card security service? What people can enjoy the security?In fact, lost card guarantee refers to the credit card is credit card, bank customers after the holder in loss before a certain time for stealing credit to compensate the loss caused by. At present, and not all Banks can offer lost card security, China coach store bank, bank of communications, everbright bank, hua xia bank, wide hair negotiable bank credit card can. According to their rules, in the loss of 48 hours before and even 120 hours coach wallet the loss, basic can need not I undertake. There are situations cannot receive compensation, at present, these bank general rule is that by password completed transactions, do not enjoy lost card guarantee; Side gucci outlet theft, also cannot claim.

It is worth noting, allowing card security formalities have many exquisite. Cardholder once found gucci bags card was lost, shall be immediately to the bank report the loss of STH, and ZhaXunKa whether stolen. If that had been stolen, shall immediately report to the public security organ. In lastest shoes online report related proof, the cardholder shall provide the bank for the lost card guarantee acceptance table ", to fill out the forms, together gucci sunglasses the relevant information report proof to the designated bank together return mailing address. Chen yibing purse had been lost for four days, although rings in micro king repeatedly blog publicity, but that pick up purse the man hesitated to appear. Lost all the gucci belt, poor Chen yibing even room door all can't go inside, it's New Year's day, was a bit DuXin.23 in early morning, Chen yibing in micro blog hair a searching for people newest mens wallets: "last night I accidentally out lost his wallet! My wallet is lost in a taxi, very, very sure was lost in the taxi, because once car will air max 24-7 that lost!!! But I didn't take the car of the little invoice, purse contains my id card, and usually in the team will often use a door, eating what card etc. Please pick up to my wallet good air max 2011 can get back to me? Urgent urgent!" The results immediately there were hundreds of netizen to help forwarding, and advice to let him air max 2012 traffic broadcasts, even alarm.Unfortunately, there is no work, in order to facilitate the contact, Chen yibing in micro bo left his address, due to the purse contains contact, all rings king also in expect good intention can give him a call or send messages, but for air max for three days, or not.

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message make careless
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