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  Crystal news reporter ZhuJian

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PostSubject: Crystal news reporter ZhuJian    Crystal news reporter ZhuJian Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:49 pm

traffic soared plus people wearing thicker, make the thief had roumania.Dongyang south horse Fashion bags outlet lady because worry to get on the car, the results were pickpocket stole my wallet while disorderly, loss 2,300 yuan of money. January 26th morning, ms ma deserving hands from theft purse unfaithfulness himself after police report came krahn AD. Ms ma said, coach bags outlet day before afternoon, she took a bus, wallet stolen. 24 afternoon 3 when xu, because the factory holidays, ms ma alone to east bus buy gifts for your girlfriends here to go back to the south horse hometown. She bought ticket after, will be in cash and id 2300 yuan, bank card content such as the purse in carry-on bag, then on the edge coach store. Because the station crowded, passengers crowded, at first few shuttle bus, ms ma have mounted. Until afternoon 4 when 30 points xu, waiting more coach wallet a hour after, ms ma finally got on the car. At the entrance ticket, ms ma touched a pack of my wallet, find don't know when to have stolen. Because I already got on the car, gucci outlet ma is no alarm. That night at 6 30 points is made, ms ma man received a phone call, the other says he was shuter road behind a shop my favorite bags mall up horse lady bag, hope to bring back horse lady.

The next morning, ms ma from warm-hearted there grasped his wallet, bags in addition to a of bank outside, within. She analysis is oneself get on suffered a pickpocket, because at that time crowded cab is quite large. Police court, in boarded the bus when, want to take particular care clingy you, stop you bump your, shoving suspicious characters. Have gucci sunglasses get best will bag on their own sight, the thief to steal, need to bend bended leg, the movement is larger, yi was found, Certificates and gucci belt will divide the open, suggest often took a bus passengers, had better take less cash, accomplish money card separation, avoid property losses, once discover were stolen, and shall report to the driver and other passengers shows a case, simultaneously gucci wallet 110. My wallet come back! I believe that China is someone! Next time I must get a taxi that zhang slip. Blare blare. Kind-hearted, I the state general administration of sports here waiting for you!"Look, this air max 24-7, more than the purse thickness, the gap between people is very big still, but compared with lost his wallet the worry mentality, originally after everyone still stay at a level. air max 2011 bo strength as always strong, this article for help micro bo soon triggered much attention. The senior XingAoWei gymnastics, his air max 2012 HeWenNa person such as rapid forwarding and called on: "hurry up turn, quick, quick, quick, pray purse meet good intention". Even the king of America have also expressed strong attention to this skate events and ps: in the same boat.Things very air max, but a net friend of message

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Crystal news reporter ZhuJian
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