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  hotel looking for zips several guests

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PostSubject: hotel looking for zips several guests      hotel looking for zips several guests Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:52 pm

Mr. Chen in the hotel search within, and ask the hotel staff, during this period, there's a few guest check to leave the hotel. "They were away, in a guest in the hotel, Mr. Chen tell mr.chen lost wallet just in walk several guests body, is Mr. Chen's friends over to brand purses sale online." Mr. Chen time don't understand what's going on, and came to the house of Mr. Wang asked about the situation. buy gifts for your girlfriends here, on Mr. Chen, Mr. Wang and friends eat meal, several people at the table when chatting, Mr. Chen's wallet dropped on the ground. After Mr. Chen leave the hotel, Mr. Wang on the ground picked up the wallet, ask friends find nobody lost, he questioned whether someone at the guest lost purse. A long-haired man took the purse, says is missing. Mr. Wang will purse back to the "owner" talk with friends to leave the hotel, until friend coach store. Chen found him, he didn't know a friend at the wallet was falsely claim to guests.Subsequently, wang and Mr. Chen to the hotel looking for zips several guests, found that several people coach wallet already left the hotel bill.

My wallet in cash and an engagement ring According to owner Mr. Chen introduction, wallet has 2000 gucci outlet in cash, 5 zhang yinhang, temporary residence permits and some notes, it is very important. "There is also a ring, is I and the girlfriend's engagement ring, it was very important for me!" According to Mr. Chen said, because and girlfriend's relationship is very gucci bags for the ring he also special attention, this time lost carelessly made him feel sorry girl friend, Mr. Chen hope can retriee purse cash 2000 yuan as a bonus, can need not return, want to be able to retrieve the rings and bank card will do. gucci shoes: "owner" is undeserved benefit According to protecting the lawyer office of ShiXiaoGuang lawyer friend introduced, Mr. Wang picked up the wallet, but Lin, claim with the guest claim within the wallet and purse returned all money and goods of fashiong sunglasses sale, the claim of behaviour is undeserved benefit, the owner ask for. Like evidential facts clearly, who still cannot repay claimed, gucci belt to malicious undeserved benefit, the owner can Sue, claim the person should compensate relative economic losses. Currently, Mr. Chen has to nearby police station called the police, and newest mens wallets the barbecue store surveillance video, the police have intervention, event also in further treatment of. Yesterday morning, ms air max 24-7 to general hospital in a doctor, taking a bus, equipped with multiple cash wallet stolen 1700, then immediately blocked the door asked the driver to report to the police. At air max 2011 time, two fuck northeast accent man walked to the car door and open coat to prove his innocence "and trying to get off", have never air max 2012 a dramatic scene appeared, in the second man open coat, weeks lady lost wallet dropped from the man upon. Originally, this slow-witted thief think wiseacre proof "clean", instead air max drop in owner presence. Wallet

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hotel looking for zips several guests
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