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  training issued before the micro bo for help

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    training issued before the micro bo for help Empty
PostSubject: training issued before the micro bo for help       training issued before the micro bo for help Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:55 pm

Mr. Fan in cheapcoachoutletsale city downtown some unit work, because the unit holidays, he went together with wife in the Pacific theater watching movies, but let him depressed is, watching a movie but send their lost my wallet. "The film ended there we sat a taxi home, quick coach purses outlet I get home, I found myself wallet is gone.Purse contains thousands of dollars in cash ah, and id card, bank CARDS and many bills, coach bags outlet too troublesome. "Mr. Fan therefore panicked and hurriedly call a taxi home cinema." master u-turn I think at that time wallet must be taken away from me, the cinema a lot of coach handbags outlet and find hope should be very slim. "Back to the cinema after Mr Fan before his seat, the search and suddenly, a staff to come coach store to say:" sir, you are looking for my wallet? Our staff in check seat's time to help you picked up. "Finally, after verification, Mr Fan took back to their wallets, exciting of Mr coach wallet of cinema employee bother to say thank you.Report from our correspondent "Chen yibing left my wallet in the taxi. Yesterday, the news in gucci outlet blog is widely spread."Last night, while I'm out accidentally lost his wallet... wallet have id peace will often use a door, eating card, picked up the wallet good intention can get back gucci bags me? Urgent urgent!" Yesterday morning 8 points, Chen yibing in training issued before the micro bo for help, and offered to purse in all cash as a lastest shoes online.

Then all day, yibing and slaming several micro bo find my wallet, paying attention to his fans are through own micro bo to reprint Chen yibing hotline information. Fans expressed hope that "everything micro bo" this can help Chen with a suddenly appeared in front of black satchel, a group of practiced kungfu, first dare not to collect, picked up and were afraid to return, finally just invite our correspondent site witness, this just meet with the owner. newest mens wallets afternoon, hankou railway station across the river, lake park after xiangyang appear such scene dark humor. (24 January wuhan air max 24-7 Another report: a man drunk to ATM audit, he accidentally fell from others in the ATM card removed within within 2000 yuan of money. Because of fears themselves to the reporter, air max 2011 successful man turn cash and bank card will WanBiGuiZhao, men also relieved. (January 25, wuhan morning)Seeing this two reports, the author immediately think of air max 2012 rhyme: I on the roadside pick up to a penny, it make police's uncle hand side... , pick up money should be over to the police, or alarm went, why must find the witness, air max mean?

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training issued before the micro bo for help
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