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  yibing in micro bo left his address

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PostSubject: yibing in micro bo left his address      yibing in micro bo left his address Icon_minitimeThu Jan 27, 2011 11:47 pm

Especially some male passenger like cellular phone, purse, such as the key in his pockets, and cheapcoachoutletsale easily when they slip out. "Night shift driver pick up to something chance is higher, near the Spring Festival, more live.therefore, especially at night drunken driving citizen, the mind does not clear, the most easily get things down in the car." Tang teacher said, in this, he most day pick up to keys, U disk, id, mobile phones and so on ten items."From since December, the company driver handed in by lost to a small book, big to a suitcase, equipped with thousands of dollars in cash, the purses such total 279 pieces of 141 pieces unclaimed." The company operations of xiaoliu has told reporters, near the Spring Festival, the passenger's "coach store things easily" is bigger, lost items of frequency is the previous months more than three times.Nearly two months, the company pilots have coach wallet up nearly 30 mobile phone and return the loser. This, they remind, quick celebrate the New Year, the taxi person also more up, this time also is lost items predominantly time, citizens must take a taxi when carry-on items, and please lost things passengers to go as gucci outlet as possible claim.

In addition, 80% of the people when they don't take a taxi cab invoice, lost things couldn't and my favorite bags mall the company. Therefore the passengers off after should retain invoices, once something lost convenient search. Report from our correspondent a HuNaJi man in downtown 15 bus gucci shoes stealing a purse, was accidentally caught up with them, in order to escape mouth bite owner right hand, larcenous into robbery that at present gucci sunglasses thief had been detained by criminal.On January 26, more than 9 o 'clock in the morning, live in city blessing from the master Chen door saemaul zhuji farmers markets by 15 gucci belt home. The car is very crowded, Chen teacher had to stand in the car compartment the aisle. On his way, he found a very heavy scents of nonlocal man often toward beside him rely on, come to the city FuBao courtyardnewest mens wallets, he find a seat. Girlfriend HeWenNa (micro bo blog) also help him on in micro bo everywhere around, but there's still no wallet's air max 24-7.Later, even Chen yibing also feel discouraged. He has gone to bank report the loss of STH, also a variety of card ready to hurry back to tianjin re-issuance of id card, but still have a air max 2011 of hope, waiting for the miracle. So the fourth day morning training before, Chen yibing again in micro blog only mention: "lost his air max 2012 has the fourth day, the lack of confidence, thank everybody's comfort and support!!! Actually, I want to say, picked up my wallet kind-hearted, if you prefer my wallet, you'll stay! It was you please help me put inside card, take an envelope to me by air max delivery?

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yibing in micro bo left his address
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